Portraits of Cyclists - Sofie: “Copenhagen has a nice dynamic thanks of the cyclists riding in the streets”

 “I'm from Copenhagen. I cycle every day with this second-hand bike. Cycling does cost anything and it's a good way to exercise, so I don't even have to think about going to the gym.

I like cycling in Nørrebrogade, since the bike lanes are extremely wide. I also appreciate cycling along the lakes, on the bike lane covered by the trees.

I think that in Copenhagen, you have a nice dynamic thanks of the cyclists riding in the streets and you don't find it in other city.”

“What is the funniest memory from your childhood related to cycling?”
“A friend and I liked riding our bikes without the hands on the handlebar. But an old man living in the street was always annoyed seeing us doing that. He was always shouting that it was dangerous and he did not want to call the ambulance. But we never stop doing it."


Portraits of cyclists - Mads: “It's a bike from the 70's”

“Where did you get you nice Peugeot race bike?”
“I bought it when I started working as a carpenter. The workshop was 20 km from my home. I preferred biking than taking the bus, in order to manage my own time. So, I bought this race bike. It's a bike from the 70's, I think.

To finish, I just would like to suggest that people should bike more.”

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Portraits of cyclists : Learning to cycle at 12 is considered as “very late”

“I from Copenhagen. I bike to work almost every day. Actually, it can depend on the weather. I cycle around 15 kilometers.
I'm a manager at Nike, so I must be well dress-up when I go to work on weekdays.”

“What is your favorite route in the city?”
“Definitely, where there are the less people.”

“What is the first memory which comes to you mind related to cycling and your childhood?”
“I was 12 when I learned cycling, and this is considered to be very late. So, I remember that I was very embarrassed.”

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Portraits of cyclists : A story of bike and happiness

“I have been living in Copenhagen for many years. I cycle here every day with my purple bike. Actually, I live a little bit outside the city, 7 km from here (the city-center). I work at the Royal Theatre.”

“Do you have a favorite route when you cycle through the city?”
“Of course! I like to bike in the center. The atmosphere is so cosy and the streets are full of people.”

“Have you noticed that here we're in a bicycle street? Cars must follow the pace of the cyclists.”
“No. But it's really interesting.”

“Your bike and your earrings are the same color.”It's not a coincidence. I like pink and purple. I receive lots of compliments about my bike. People don't hesitate to tell me that seeing a purple bike makes them happy. It happened to me a couple of time. I didn't know these people, they just came to me - quite often when it was a grey day - and they said “I'm sorry... but I would like to say... your bike... it makes me so happy”. So, I replied that I'm really happy too. It gives me lots of good energy.

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Portraits of cyclists - Leila: “If I have to take the train, I take my bike with me”

I'm from the suburb of Copenhagen and I cycle about 10 kilometers every day with this comfortable bicycle.

I bike everywhere, even when I'm out of town and when I'm traveling. If I have to take the train, I take my bike with me. I do it to save time and not to wait for the bus.”

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Portraits of cyclists - Vintage outfit woman: “I like 40's/50's outfits and it fits cycling”

 I'm from Copenhagen. I cycle every day with this kind of skirt. I like the late 40's / beginning 50's outfits.

I work in a clothing store named Mondo Kaos (in Nørrebro). We sell new clothes inspired by the 40's/50's. It's very vintage inspired.

I like this look since it's very feminine and it fits cycling.”

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Portraits of cyclists: Sarah: “I wanted to support a Danish brand”

 I'm from Copenhagen. I cycle every day mostly in the city-center.

I ride a Velorbis bicycle, that I purchased since I wanted to support a Danish brand and I really wanted this wooden box.”

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Portrait of cyclists - Mie: "I have an over-size basket fitting perfectly my bag”

“I'm from Copenhagen. I cycle every day from Østerbro to my office. I like cycling through the big park Fælledparken and along the lakes. The scenery changes all the time and I can see lots of people. Because in these places there are no cars and no noise, it's like being somewhere else, outside the city.”
“Where did you buy this huge basket?”
“I was looking for an over-size basket to carry my big bag and I finally ordered it online on a Dutch web shop. I had to put up a front rack to support the weight.”

“Do you have an anecdote to share with the reader of the blog?”
“It was during the summer, I was cycling through the city with a dress on. I overtook a group of tourists cycling quite slowly. Just after passing them I heard them ringing their bells and shouting. Thanks to that, I realized that I had a hole in my dress. That was extremely embarrassing.”

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